New Website

Ok well not so new, its been awhile since I have been on here, and its just rough trying to figure out the difference between,, and 1 click install word press. Well anyways I went for it and now I have my website that is and I don’t know how to merge the two sites. You know this one and the other one. But good thing for me because I didn’t really put a lot of stuff on this site, (and not too much on the other site now that I think about it.) But Oh well I am blogging now so I guess, I’ll just have to make up for lost time. Sorry for the rambling.

Anyways I didn’t think it would be so hard, but yet it is kind of easy, you know once you get the hang of it. But I guess you just have to stick with it, in order to get the hang of it.

Lol all that to say…

Visit my new site at 😉

Night all

This Blogging Stuff is…

Well When I first started thinking about it, I’m like this stuff is hard, well maybe not that hard, but at least for me, maybe I’m making it more harder than it actually is.

I don’t know, its like once I’m away from the dang gone computer I can think of all the awesome thing ok, maybe not so awesome but, at least I had some topics that I maybe thought I would like to share, but as soon as I sit in front of the computer screen, there is everything else to do, its like my mind goes blank and I get tunnel vision straight to facebook. That’s bad I know.

Hmm, sorry for all the typos and/or grammar mistakes but I think with this post I need to just get some stuff out there. So where was I at and where was I going? Hmm I don’t know and I really don’t want to go back and read lol. Maybe blogging isn’t for me but now that the edge is off I think I’m getting the flow. I started off confused about what to write but now all of my nonsense is flowing out and it feels good and I’m smiling, so that’s good right?

Oh well it doesn’t matter, I started this blog post because I was like blogging is hard, or am I making it hard, but now I think its a little bit of both.

Oh no I stopped for a moment and now I’ve lost everything that I could possibly talk about again. However I have seen a couple of good movies lately, so maybe I’ll just write about that in another post, probably now or later. Maybe I should do it now. Hmmm


Brickhouse Glamour

Hello world!

Picture me waving Hi :). 

So Hello. This is my very first post. So lets begin, my name is Brickhouse and I’m the princess of Brickhouse Land. Yep that’s me :).

I’m blogging publicly because there seems to be so much stuff going on that I just have to share it with the rest of the world. Who knows maybe I’ll learn something, or maybe I’ll teach something, either way I want to grow. 

Mainly I’ll be writing about my life. Writing about being me, being Brickhouse. Like now I’m watching Empire and its absolutely the best show on now, and I just love it.

So I’ll be writing about some of everything just to conclude.

Thanks for taking the time to read my first blog,

and goodnight all.



Brickhouse Glamour